About Edmer

So, what else can I say other than I’m just a very outgoing person? Well, you could say I am a very tech literate person. I do have an interest in the technology world. However, not in the way most people think of it as such. When I think of technology, I think of it as anything and everything that makes our lives easier. One of those technologies that I feel has transformed peoples lives and continues to do so is radio and television.

When I was young, I remember the day a reporter had come to my house to interview my dad regarding Mendota, CA’s then continuing water contamination issu of 2003. (Sharp memory seems to be a quirkiness of mine.) The reporter was very patient. Recording my dad’s words and face with a camera. She was asking him various questions as to how this has affected him and his neighbors, amongst other questions. When the interview was over, I wandered to the news truck. That is when I began to learn what a reporter does and the various engineering aspects that go into piecing the report together and sending it back to the station.

I began to emcee various school events with the help of a certain school principal who shall remain nameless. That is when I learned the restraints of public speaking. Later on, I became involved in band and played as much as my lips could remain connected to the trumpet. All that carried over through High School.   My Sophomore year would prove to be one of the most exciting years of my life. Although I wasn’t formally in the class, I began to assist a video production class led by a retired KFTV -TV videographer. I learned how to use EDIUS, as well as using a camera and microphone. In my junior year, I would find myself at a stepping stone as I would join a small educational radio station in Firebaugh, CA. There, I learned what it took to prepare a show, get it on the air, and staying on the air while sounding great and resonating with the audience.

I am close to graduating at California State University, Fresno with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism (Journalism/Broadcast option). I am a member of the Fresno State Chapter of the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA).

I am soon to start working at Community Media Access Collaborative (CMAC) and the California State University Summer Arts Program. My goal is to expand on the engineering aspects of broadcasting. Expanding and fusing together the worlds of journalism and engineering.